8 Mind-Damaging Habits That Destroy Your Thoughts

The mind is a unprecedented laptop with 86 billion neurons and 85 billion non-neural cells; neurons are the basic unit of our nervous system, which controls all the things we do: breathe, stroll, really feel, and suppose.

We have now to deal with the mind to have a wholesome and completely satisfied life, however we unintentionally injury the mind by constructing unhealthy habits that are detrimental to our nervous system.

Research present that our high-tech society is making our brains gradual and dumber day-to-day.

We have no idea that these habits we take pleasure in are damaging our brains.

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Listed here are 8 brain-damaging habits that destroy your thoughts:

1. Excessive sugar consumption

Everybody is aware of that after we eat loads of sugar, our blood glucose stage rises. Excessive glucose within the blood decreases the manufacturing of brain-derived neurotrophic (BDNF), which is an crucial chemical for the mind to make new reminiscences and be taught new issues.

Because of this, a high-sugar weight loss program restricts the mind’s functionality to be taught and type reminiscences. That is probably the purpose the place you uncover why you could have had hassle together with your short-term reminiscence just lately.

There are quite a few research on sugar’s results on the mind; here’s a fascinating article, sugar now or cocaine later by Anne.

A number of the largest firms at the moment are utilizing mind scans to review how we react neurologically to sure meals, particularly sugar. They’ve found that the mind lights up for sugar the identical method it does for cocaine.

— Michael Moss